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State Schools

In Malta, education is compulsory between the ages of five and sixteen. Education is completely free in State and Church institutions.

About 30% of the national student population attend non-State schools. The vast majorities of these are Catholic Church schools run by Religious Orders and funded by the State. There is also a growing number of privately funded independent schools.
Compulsory education is sub-divided into a six year primary cycle (5 to 10+ years) and five years of secondary education (11 to 16 years). In general, the Maltese educational system aims to cater for the needs of all pupils, irrespective of their academic abilities or vocational interests. Throughout the whole educational cycle the government is committed to a policy of inclusive education, where children with special needs are integrated into the mainstream.

  • Preschool Education - (ages 3-5)

Pre-Primary education is co-educational and caters for children aged between three and five years and is full time. This is provided in kindergarten centers that are attached to primary schools and fall under the responsibility of the Head of the primary school. At this level no formal teaching takes place. Educational activity is aimed to develop the children's social attitudes, language and communication skills in preparation for primary education. Although attendance at pre-primary level is voluntary about ninety-five (95%) of the age cohort attend.

  • Primary Education - (ages 5-10+)

Primary education is co-educational and covers the ages five to ten plus. Classes never exceed 30 pupils. The size of the schools varies from those with a population (including kindergarten pupils) of less than one hundred to larger schools with a population of approximately eight hundred students.

The core subjects at primary level are Maltese, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Religious Education, Physical Education and the Expressive Arts. At primary level , the class teacher decides on the level at which to teach, within certain guidelines. The years 2000-2007 will see the gradual introduction of technology education in this sector.

Private primary schools have their own way of selecting and recruiting students. Assessment is also carried out independently by individual schools, and there is an increasing use of monitoring services provided by the State.

  • Secondary Education (ages 11-16)

Secondary education is available to all students who successfully complete primary education. State and Church Secondary schools are single sex. The majority of schools have a population of less than 550 students. At the age of 11, students generally sit for a qualifying, non competitive examination. Those who pass are admitted into Junior Lyceums, which are schools for higher achievers, while the other students start attending General Secondary Schools. There is a special provision for poor achievers who receive a simplified and less demanding type of secondary education.

In the first two years of secondary education classes may have up to 30 students while in the last three years classes may not have more than 25 students. Each class is assigned to a Form Teacher who monitors the progress of students under his/her care.






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